If the trailer you are attached to tips over...

We all know the rules on the Orbit Balls scoring for tipped trailers, but what about the robot interaction???

This brings up a good question in my opinion. If you tip over enough to make your trailer tip with you from ramming or collisions, or if a trailer is rammed & tips, but not your bot which is attached to it, what the heck kind of stresses are going to be on that hitch & will part of your robot be destroyed in the process if you don’t shield that area adequately??

And, another thought, if you tip along with your trailer, will you be given a penalty for anything?
(I would hope not to this one, but Hmm…)

I think tipping will be extremely rare this year. Even if you get hit at full force on the side I don’t think there is enough friction on the wheels to create a point which the robot could pivot on, you are more likely to slide then tip. Especially if you are getting hit within the bumper zone.

Original quote was in regard to the 28x38x60 inch envelope rule. If your robot teeters slightly, and your robot takes up the full envelope, would you be in violation of the rule, or would the envelope move with the robot.

I would also find it rare for the trailer to tip.

I would have to say that is at the discretion of the refs. If they feel that you were driving unsafe which caused the tippage I would give a penalty. But if for some reason you slightly rock and you end up tipping over, if you disable your own robot I would not give you a penalty myself. But if you don’t disable right away or you don’t I would give you a penalty. But all in all, it would be in the discretion of the refs and their opinion.

I’m going to assume that the envelope moves with the robot… but I don’t really have the authority to do that. Good question for the GDC when the Q&A opens up tomorrow!

If you look at the trailer print (official from first) it appears their hitch allows for rolling. It will not shear anything.

With all robot parts staying in the envelope, I don’t see how the refs will even call a penalty - harsh bumper-to-bumper action is expected in the game.