If you are building a "permanent" practice field get yourself some Terminals or Alliance Station Panels

Three years ago I managed to get all four loading stations from the 2019 field in hopes that we could use them with the ARC Northeast Minnesota practice field. What I hoped to leverage to our advantage is that all of the fitting work to attach them to a FIRST or AndyMark field is done. They’re built to fit with the field.

I ended up using a bandsaw to cut the middle of the loading stations out leaving the outer six inches on each end. That let me create panels of any width I want by spanning the gap with 2x2 lumber. A 1/4" hole 5" from the outside lets me use pins so they can be pulled apart quickly for easy transport and storage. to A partially completed Alliance Station Panel we used this year. Assuming the loading stations fit between the driver’s stations and side walls again next year we can just cut lumber to length and we have the frame for next year’s game done.

The Alliance Station Panels used this year are almost purpose built for this sort of re-use. They are driver’s station height, already compact, and are field side agnostic. (The 2019 loading stations have a specific field side and a non-field side to them and were unwieldy.)

I’m hoping/expecting that the folks at NMRC end up with the components from the Minnesota forward deployed field this November, but that leaves about 30 other fields that enterprising regional organizations might be able to take advantage of.

Something to think about as we move into the off season.


That is a great idea for those that have either of the official field perimeters.

For the regional fields most of those go back to NH after their last event, some are kept to use for off-season events, so they won’t be available until late fall.

The district fields on the other hand stay with the given district. But again those are often used for off season events and won’t be available until later.


Yes, it is far too early to be able to pick up some of those field components, but it’s never too early to call dibs. :slight_smile:


Good tip Doug. Thanks for sharing.