If you are thinking of getting a big 3d printer

… And you are deciding on the Anycubic Chiron (currently about 500 bucks at amazon) send an email to [email protected] and tell them you are an FRC team and they will give you 20%o off. And if you want to be nice to us at team 1989 tell them Martin from 1989 informed you about the rebate and maybe it some point they say yes to a sponsorship of us. So far all I got out of them is that rebate if i tell all my friends. Well here I do.

Printer is 400x400x450. I got one about 4 weeks ago and its been running 24/7 since printing HIPS and we just had a sponsor get us one for the team that should arrive in the next couple of days. Prints nice but it probably is not for everyone. If you are looking for a good bang for the buck under 1K then that is probably a good choice - if you can afford a markforged X3 then probably not

The good.

Nice bed - good adhesion with pretty much anything, PLA, PETG, HIPS ABS(only one short print so I don’t necessarily want to put my name on it) and people in the users group say Nylon too. (Have not done that yet)

prints up to 260 out of the box even though if you print over 240 I’d suggest to replace the stock PTFE tubing with a capricorn one. I did as I did not trust the one that came with it simply cause its an inexpensive printer and I doubted they put a true high temp high quality one on - so I had one its a $11 item - better safe than sorry.

Decent speed - big print volume - sturdy design

Was easy to assemble

The not so good.

Wiring could be better - I made a holder for the x-axis wire so it does not get into trouble.

Some have reported some Quality issues with some of the pre-assembled parts being either loose or too tight so when you put it together you should check everything that what should move moves and what should not does not. Probably not a big deal for a robotics team but probably like any kit printer not a good idea as a first printer for someone not mechanically and electrically inclined.

It comes from China - they got a pretty good rep in replacing parts and helping via email but its China so if they send you something it will take weeks I am told for the part to arrive so most the parts are standard printer parts its built out of 2020 extrusion so that leaves the Trigorilla board and - well I am just making a list JIC to know where and how to get the parts. Limit switches both optical and mechanical - standard. Between Matterhackers and Zyltech and Hobbyking etc you should be able to get pretty much anything except the main board - which is $45 and the display -which I am getting a price on but probably in the same range. So we will get a spare so to stay up and running.

Another thing we are going to change is the extruder to a full metal E3D Volcano which fits (about 80 bucks) which will allow us to go much higher than the 260 in temperature (how high will depend which thermistor we will get. If we decide to spend about 120 and go copper plated everything we could go to 400. Community support is pretty good there is a lively FB group.

I like the big size and yes if something breaks its annoying if you got to fix it yourself I went through that and am going through that with my matterhackers PULSE. That one is apart right now for some fixing/upgrades but that is a different subject.

So to sum it up if you are looking for a good base that can be modified but also has acceptable performance out of the box its for you. If you print limit switch holders and D&D figurines then its too big -get an ender - if money is no problem then you wont be looking at an under $1000 printer anyway. If you have any questions - ask


Do you know if the 20% FRC discount also applies to the i3 Mega or only on the Chiron? Especially with the current $209 sale, $170 for an i3 style printer sounds like a good deal.

I would email singer and ask but would hope so

Email sent, thanks. Hopefully he checks his email over the weekend because I think the deal ends before business hours begin on Monday.

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