If you come here asking for Delphi programming...

This website, is a huge community-based website built to talk about, get help with (and/or give help with), and support FIRST. Chief Delphi, along with (almost) everyone here, are also a part of FIRST.

I’m sure many of us get how people may think that asking for Delphi help is “ok” (can’t think of a better way to say this right now), because of the “Delphi” part in the team name. But if you do post anything about Delphi, Pascal, Object Pascal, etc… you may not get help (note that you probably won’t). Not saying that people may not help you though, because some might.

If you do post questions about Delphi, please do so nicely. I’m saying this because the thread starter in the post in the note wasn’t to nice in requesting help. One more note on this, please do not ask about game trainers, hacks, keygens, etc… These are (atleast the last 2) against the rules for ChiefDelphi.com, and could get this site in some big trouble.

Thank you,
Eric “raevin” Hansen; Team 5 & The rest of the FIRST & ChiefDelphi.com community

PS: I’d like to say that I think this would’ve had to have happened sooner or later anyways.

PSS: Here’s some resources for those who did come here for help:

Google’s Directory For Delphi
Delphi Starter’s Links
CodeComments.com Delphi Section
Delphi & Delphi .NET
Bunch of links to other sites
Where I got them all from