If you could be any Pokemon...

…what Pokemon would you be?

Personally, I would want to be a Mudkip (#258) just because i liek mudkips. :wink:


You can look up Pokemon here.

I guess I would be Sunkern (#191) because it’s closest to my team # (1991).



#39 Jigglypuff…they’re pretty!


Haunter #93

Just look at him! He’s so cool!

Picachu, he’s awesome in Super Smash Bros Melee. Always beet my brother with him. Plus, he’s pretty much the original Pokemon.

Umm…I Choose…ANDY BAKER and JVN! (The two guys on the sides):

This guy can be anyone he chooses… So I pick ditto…

This is one sad, sad, very sad thread.

Hey, what else is there to do at this time at night?

I always thought Articuno was a pretty sweet pokemon. It’s actually my laptop’s name.


I would be Vulpix. It’s always been my favorite.

P.S. Great thread. :slight_smile:

My favorite combination when I play Pokemon RED is:
#35-Clefairy and #143-Snorlax
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a8/35clefairy.png & http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/0b/Snorlax.png
it kind of is like JVN and Andy Baker…(I won’t say who is who)

Im sad to say i have all my cards in a box in my closet…

but here is my favroite

btw: they’re up to like 493 pokemon according to wiki, last time i remember, they were barley at like 300

(I feel sorry for the little kids now who try to memorize all of them) i remember i knew up to like 150 perfectly, but otherwise i forgot it…

oh, that’s easy, JVN = Snorlax

Oh no… nostalgia!


Luvdisc #370

Only because I’m a hopeless romantic.

Really? I say Morgan from 25 is Clefairy and Snorlax is Big Mike…

As for me?


As Kristian put it… big head, exadurated facial expressions. :rolleyes:

oh, that explains why you have a picture of it on your facebook! LoL!

I’ve never even heard of some of these pokemon…What happened to the good old days when you’d spend weeks getting 151 pokeomon?

Who knows? Who knows?

Ssoooo… I herd you liek mudkips? :wink:

I would definitely be Charmander! He’s always been the coolest!
By the way, this is the best picture ever!:smiley: (image courtesy of Pa’ia School, HI)

…i think id have to go with arcanine… ive always had a thing for dogs :stuck_out_tongue: