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hey all,

i was curious, if first got input from us what would you like to see improved? personally, i would like to have four drill motors in hte kit, and weight limit of 150, just for the extra weight more of the low funded teams would have an equal chance to use materials that have alot of weight, i know 151 uses 3/16 6061 aluminum for our chassis cnc’d out, now some teams cannot afford this commodity. thats what i would like to see happen, what would you like to see??


I to would like to see the weight limit raised because sitting in the pits and file metal off just to ge the 1/10 of a lb we need off to make 130 at our regional and then again at to nationals

Another Thing is allowing team mascots on the plaing field at regionals and nationals cause getting chased off the field for trying to do the white boy dance for the crowd was very upsetting

thats all I got to say about that

Bah. 130 makes it a challenge. If it is raised to 150, it won’t be hard to do whatever you want. Remember, this stuff is teaching you how to do it in real life. 130lbs is a great limit. You build what you think you can in that weight limit. If you’re over, drill some holes or get rid of something. If you’re under, you can add some weight (or just leave it alone). Also, better materials doesn’t neccisarily mean better robot :slight_smile:

(As for getting kicked off for doing the white boy dance…haha…maybe they had good reason :smiley: )

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Also, you just missed the FIRST Forums, that is the place where teams get to voice their opinions about issues like these.


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** I to would like to see the weight limit raised because sitting in the pits and file metal off just to ge the 1/10 of a lb we need off to make 130 at our regional and then again at to nationals **

With an additional 20 pounds, chances are that your team is going to take advantage of that and you probably still will sit in the pits and file that 1/10th of a pound off to make weight…

lol, no matter what the weight limit is people will do that.

one problem i have noticed though. batteries don’t all weigh the same. i’m kinda ashamed to say this, but 810 is guilty of doing this :/. at NYC, our robot was just 130 lbs, only because we found the lightest battery of our five. there were huge differences in the battery weights. so, yeah, you might be able to ‘shave off’ .4, .6 lbs, but it’s something FIRST should look into. maybe having an offical weight of say, 120 lbs, w/o a battery. i think this would eliminate the problem, although the thought of it only being 120 lbs will screw with some people’s minds :D.

To gain additional weight i would like to remove the battery from the weigh in process…this would save a good amount to have just that little bit extra that everyone always seems to need.

batteries do weigh different, i like the idea of weigh in without the batteries, that way its a raw weight instead of having varied weight through batteries. just my $.02 worth.


We could have a 300lb weight limit and all we would do is throw on more junk and still be right up to the limit.

My team’s advisor told us that there use to be no demension limits and teams built robots that they couldn’t get outta doors

Finding the lightest battery isn’t too bad…I wouldn’t get on a team for doing that. Although, what stops a team from actually draining a battery so they’re only weighing the case and removing around 5 pounds from the actual weight. As far as I know, no team has done this. (weedie made me see how this could be done…)

While a higher weight limit would open a lot more doors for design, my feelings are that whatever the weight limit is, it still won’t be enough for some people. If we go to 150 lbs, teams will still have trouble squeezing in under the limit, because more weight would lead to more features, and everyone has a tendency to push the envelope as to what they can reasonably fit on their robots. I say stay at 130, since it provides more of a challenge, and why mess with what works?

I agree with most espicially 810. batteries do weigh different and personally 120 - 125 lbs just robot no battery would probably be better. who knows. we won’t know what the changes are for 2003 till kickoff. Hope he’s listening to the wish list

i like the empty battery idea, but if you ever got caught it would probelly dq you for the season because all of the matches you compeated in you had a 5-7 lb avdantage.

the reason the wieght limit isn’t any higher is because teams have to drag the robot on and off the field in a very small amount of time. we cant go making huge heavy robots cause next thing you know instead of carts we will be using forklifts to move the robots.

If you dont want people (Swiss Cheesing) there metal the easiest thing to do is to keep the weight limit at 130 pounds and make the maximum size of the robot smaller! Duh

That way people do not have all this space to work with.

The smaller something is the less it weighs…

no, you just know that if FIRST makes the robot size smaller, but keeps the weight the same, people will use heavier things just for the hell of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets compromize. Lets keep the 130 limmit, but have bonuses and penalties. There will be a 2 lbs. lean, so if you all of a sudden way 131, you won’t be disqualified. Also, you can weigh up to 135, but a small point deduction will be made each time (say 4) and if you way under 125, you will get points (ditto, four).

I don’t think giving extra (or taking away) points would make everyone happy about the scores during the competitions. Maybe having awards for the lightest robot would make people try to make lighter robots. Maybe…

i would have to say i agree with the disagreement about the giving and taking away of points. but, the weight limit only applies at the weigh-in. i know that we added stuff thirty seconds before the last call of a match so that our robot would pick balls up off the field. that probably put us over…however, we also had enough junk knocked off of us that it could have evened out.

i would like to see first get away from the traditional game. granted i’ve only really been exposed to FIRST for two years now, but it seems that dean and woody are obsessing with picking up balls and putting them places…then putting goals places. granted the design changes so you have to improve a little, but nothing major…i’m looking for something totally different. i.e. different level playing field, racing, something like that. if they want to indulge my every fantasy…water. make a game where the robot has to move through water.