If you go to OhiO for FRC, you can come to this team ask for help

Hello everyone!

This is Team 8214 - Cyber Unicorn from Guangzhou, China. I want to introduce the most helpful team we have ever seen in FRC, and we really want everyone in FRC to know about this team — Team 325, Respawn Robotics.

The story starts from last year’s Greater Pittsburgh Regional. I met the lead mentor (Mr. Campbell) of Team 325 coincidentally and talked a lot about FRC. He impressed me with his passion. This year, because the Chinese FRC regional was canceled again, my team signed up for the Smoky Mountains Regional and was surprised to find that we would be competing with Team 325. Due to overseas shipment, we needed someone to receive our robot in the USA. I directly contacted Mr. Campbell and asked for help to receive our robot and possibly use their practice field. I got a response within an hour, and it said Team 325 was willing to help with the battery, tools, shipping to the Smoky Mountains Regional (they are in Ohio), and hosting practice for one week. They also asked me if we needed any further assistance. I was very grateful for that, but at that time, I didn’t know this team would surprise me again and again.

After we arrived at Team 325’s home, their students not only provided us with solid technical help but also demonstrated a harmonious environment and exceptional professionalism. This team had a remarkable 120% impact on me and my team from every perspective. They possess an outstanding team, impressive facilities, exceptional students, and incredible mentors.

I always think the best part of FRC is not the competition but the community. This team reminded me, my students, and other mentors why we love FRC and continue doing it even though we haven’t had a Chinese Mainland Regional for the past 4 years. I am writing this message (or topic) to let everyone know there is a wonderful team in Ohio that has everything amazing and is very open to more teams filling in their practice field!

OMG, I love FRC so much!!! Also, thank you to all the teams (Team 1466 - Webb Robotics, 3824 - HVA RoHAWKtics, and 4265 - Secret City Wildbots) that helped us in the Smoky Mountains Regional. It’s so great to be back in the competition!!! Week 5’s game is start from tmr. Good luck to all the team!!!


Mr cambell is the best he has always been willing to open his doors for other teams and help any way possible. It is a huge asset to have his facility close to ours. Good luck this weekend at the smokey mountain regional


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