If you had a whiteboard in/on your bot, what did you write on it?

We installed a whiteboard blocking wall on the robot and took advantage of the A in STEAM and had artwork and quotes and song lyrics.

What else have teams been doing with their whiteboards?


Found a couple good pictures of it in action against FRC 68 Truck Town Thunder

As an additional note, another couple teams at Kettering #2 also adopted this idea.

FRC 9776 GA Robotics, it can be seen in some of their matches and I was told about a third one on day 2 but I didn’t see it myself. If anyone has pictures or info of those id appreciate it!


Okay… I must’ve missed one somehow, thought I had em all before.


not on the robot, but we had a whiteboard in our pits with a bunch of cursed constants on them, like pi=3=e, i^2=1, etc as well as a really hard integral from blackpenredpen