If you have a Pager or Cel-Phone...

Announcing the availablility to receive Match Results on your email-addressable pager, cel-phone, or personal email account.


You will need to register (if not done so already) and login.
Then you can click to add paging services.

Basically, you sign up for a particular Team# for a particular event.
In addition to Motorola Midwest (last week), only the West Michigan (this week, thanks to Bruce and Nate) will be LiVE. You can still receive pages for other events, but SOAP will not get the data until after the event, if at all. Also, SOAP plans to have this service available for EPCOT, pending Inet connectivity. Imagine, if you weren’t able to send all of your teammates to a particualr event, they can still track your progress around the world via their personal communication device!

There are two paging services offered at this time: match results, and match results w/ seeding. Note: these apply for qualification matches only.

Here’s a sample of a MATCHES page:
IL Match 56
57&108 {31:1,2,1} W
74&109 {21:1,1,1} L

How to read the braces- {score:robots,goals,balls}

Here’s a sample of a MATCHSEEDING page:
IL Match 89

RED S: 24 QP: 24 L
97(33) & 391(11)
Rbt:1 Goal:1 Ball:4

BLUE S: 39 QP: 72 W
108(12) & 92(35)
Rbt:1 Goal:2 Ball:9

The # in ( ) is the seed AFTER playing in that match.

**** Note: All seeding #'s should be treated as unofficial. ****

So, once the page loads up, www.soap108.com/paging.cfm, click “new” and fill in the info at the bottom. Make sure “enabled” is checked and click “Save”. Everything else should be fairly intuative. If you are unsure of what to put in “Device Type” for your celphone, use iDEN. Almost all formats assume a 20-character wide screen.

So, once you’ve signed up and recieve pages, let us now what you think of the service. More services can be added as soon as we get a feel for how many persons will take advantage of this function of SOAP.

Best Regards,
SOAP Team :cool:
Team 108 - SigmaC@T, KSC SemiFinalist & MMR Best Sportsmanship
Motorola & Dillard HS & Taravella HS
Plantation, FL