If your gonna use those CMT pulleys - Read this

I looked at those neat new CMT shaft to hub collars that CMT donated to the kit and started to play. I failed to read the instructions first (as most of us easily excitable engineers often do)

Big Mistake !

They work verrrrrry gooood at binding the pulley to the shaft. The thing they don’t do is release that well or even at all. Don’t torque 'em down 'til your sure!


CMT released these prototypes to us. We are literary trying these things before we can buy them. All they are asking for is a little feedback at their forum:
http://www.cmtco.com/. Sign up to their FIRST Robotics forum and let them know you appreciate their support and give them a little feedback. :slight_smile:

Here’s a little tip if these things jam on the shaft.

Don’t try to punch the shaft through the coupling from the side with the set screw. This only makes it mad.

Push or punch the shaft from the side without the set screw


Push on the coupling from the set screw side.**

In other words …

The shaft needs to move toward you when your looking at the side of the hub with the set screw.

Confused yet ? ;)**