IFI Analog Code

When i insert the IFI analog code it wont build right! Any Suggestions?

Could you post the complete block of code as well as the build error?

It’s ok i got it i for got to take out the define_ana_ bla bla bla crap i for got to take it out

Just for your own knowledge, if you’re going to respond to your own thread to tell us that you solved your problem, you should try to give as much details about what you did as you can. Someone may have the same problem that you do and may benefit from your solution.

Plus, your post may be the most unintelligible thing that I’ve read in a while. Part of being an engineer/scientist (or just about any other profession) is being able to express yourself clearly. Don’t take that as a slam, but as constructive criticism.

Dave, are you meaning to say UNintelligible?

If so, I agree, as I couldn’t understand David’s post either.

oops… :o :o yeah, I meant unintelligible :o :o

Ok then!