IFI Error

hi, im getting an error in the IFI_Startup.c file. Its a syntax error in this bock of code:

extern far rom struct //—>error on this line saying “syntax error”
unsigned short num_init;
struct _init_entry
unsigned long from;
unsigned long to;
unsigned long size;

we have not done anything to the code, this is straight from the default code…so if anyone else is seeing this error or has a fix for it…itd b appreciated

what’s on the line BEFORE the syntax error line? check to see if you missed a semicolon. it will usually complain about the line AFTER the missing semicolon.

If you haven’t modified this file (which normally you wouldn’t need to) then I suggest you delete it, and unzip a fresh copy from the distro. In my experience, it’s all too easy to accidentally modify a file when all you’re trying to do is look at it. If you look carefully you MAY find an errant keystroke somewhere between this line and the end of the _startup routine just before this declaration.

yea…well this one is my bad, ends up my IDE was buggy and was throwing a syntax error where it shouldnt have been…thanks for the help anyway, sorry about that