IFI Interns Play Rebound Rumble

What do IFI interns do in their spare time?
This summer (among other things), they build a robot 100% VEX Robotics Competition legal to play Rebound Rumble.


Yeah, we were pretty impressed with them too. :slight_smile:

Big congratulations to IFI 2012 interns Josh Wade, Chuck Glick, Aren Hill, James Tonthat, Charles Wensel, & Alex Zettler on surviving our first “summer of innovation.”

If you could fit a standard FRC battery and control system on there, I think it would have been the coolest robot this year. Mind those bumper rules though!

psh…it ain’t cool unless Tonthat can fit inside.

Now that is impressive. Nice work.

Awesome! So that is the “forest”, now we need the “trees”. Did they follow a typical JVN/148 design strategy? Design log? CAD?

You’ve got to push these interns John.

This may have provided inspiration for our homecoming parade float. Thanks for sharing.

Cool. Would be neat to see a FRC/VEX hybrid competition (offseason maybe?) Where robots that would meet VEX robot rules play an FRC game. (Vice versa wouldn’t work quite as well, methinks.)

Would be a neat miniaturization challenge.

The other way around (FRC legal robots play VEX) could lead to some stationary platform robots with arms and limbs reaching out and grabbing pieces, without the robot itself moving. There would also be some small frame robots tht could move around a bit. The VEX rule of usually infinite expansion would hopefully make robots very interesting.

Looks great. I wonder if Aren tried to convince the rest of the interns to make it a swerve too. lol

I had no swerve toyings this summer thank you very much

(The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem…)


Swerves aren’t a problem, If anything to help you recover faster. John should give you tumbleweed :wink: I recall your rookies saying that swerve drive this year was super neat and they would LOVE to build another one! Cough 2013 Cough.


*Build hella swerves.

Don’t listen Aren! Your treatment is going so well! Remember all of the people who care about your health! :stuck_out_tongue:

Swerves aren’t an addiction, they are merely a lifestyle choice… =p

Wow, that is a great robot! It can make 3 pointers from the key, made from vex parts and fits within 18x18x18"… Amazing!!!

Hi. Our team watched this video last year and we want to use a similar design because our team does not want to spend money on pneumatics. Could anyone explain how the throwing mechanism works.


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How do you think it works?