IFI Loader and MPLAB

im having a problem with ifi loader. it will only let me load a .hex or a .bin file. however i can only save the files from mplab as .mcw. is there anything that i can do to convert the .mcw file to a .hex file? please i need some help.

in mplab there is a icon that says make just click that it is to the right of the open project icon.

I have another problem I know there is an old thread on it but it was never resolved, when I try to download a program I get the error invalid hex file any ideas?

Under build options (next to workspace in MPLAB 7), check hex format, it should be INHEX32.

.mcw is the mplab project file last I checked. Have you made sure you compiled your project correctly to get the hex files?

Correction It’s the mplab workspace so it’s relatively useless for what you are trying to do.

.mcw is the workspace file. When you have written your code, press the F10 button on your keyboard. This will verify the code to make sure there is no problems. When it successfully builds, it will generate a .hex file that can be found in the directory you are working in. Open IFI Loader, Click Browse, go to the directory of your code, and it will show up. Click the file, click open, and then click Download.

Enjoy :smiley:

thanks, ill try it when i go to lunch. thanks. :slight_smile: