IFI_Loader and Windows ME: What gives?

I just tried the IFI_Loader on windows ME, what it ‘does not work on’, and it works just fine! :mad: Granted, I have VB6, what it was written in. But still…

If you want to know how, extract the cab (it’s a standard cab, not one of those funky things most installers use), register the DLL’s and OCX’s (regsvr32 PICBOOT.dll) and run IFI_Loader.exe.

Does any one know exactly why it ‘does not work’ on ME?

I am not sure, but I think some DLLs and a few system files dont function on ME. Not Positive.

Fact: Most of the dll’s come with any VB COM app.

I think that they said that it doesn’t support ME because the installer doesn’t like ME. Specifically: When you run it, it always thinks you have outdated versions of some system files.

E-mail me and I’ll send an installer for a dummy app that should install VB run-time files and MSCOMM control

Any comment from IFI or FIRST would be apropriate.