IFI Loader doesnt open .hex file

Ok, so we have till the end of monday to get the robot to work,

I’m the new replacement programmer, and I cant get the loader to work. It’s been really bugging me.

It opens, and I click “Browse”. When I click on the camera.hex file and press open, I get an alert message. This is about what it reads:

Run-Time Error “76”

:mad: :mad:

Then when I press “OK” It closes IFI Loader.

Could someone please at least give me a hint as to what I should do?
Any help you give would be, well… helpful.

Thank You! :smiley:

Try moving the camera.hex file to a different directory. I believe that Runtime Error 76 in VB6 means that the directory wasn’t found. It could be because it’s too long of a path.

Thanks Matt!

I’ve had problems like that before, so your probably right.

Now I’m ganna burn with anxiety waiting till monday to try it out. :ahh:

76 – Path not found

Yes, move the hex file to a shallower directory. IFI_Loader can’t read long file names. I would recommend moving your whole programming folder further down the file tree.

Errr, it didn’t work, can you maybe give step by step directions?

Would be very appreciated :rolleyes:

btw: the file with the location is 31 characters long:

and the full alert message is:

Run-time error ‘76’:
Path not found

after this alert comes up, it exits the Ifi_loader program :o

Ok, sorry for posting 3 times in a row, but i just found this link:

It’s about how the loader only accepts files under 32k. I have a feeling mine is 70k, but I’m working on that.

If anyone’s got suggestions, they would be appreciated A LOT AND BUNCH!

or… maybe not?
program memory utilization is 19%

well… the .hex file is 70k, but the program is apparently not

but i figured the problem, i was using another copie of IFI_loader, so i have that down.

but now, when i press download, (ive pressed the prog button) it says “device found” untill i get an alert-

 Runtime error "11"
 Division by Zero

any ideas about what this means? :confused:

(sorry about all the posts)

Im glad you have found a solution but please learn to use the edit button. 5 posts is a little much.

It means exactly what it says - IFI_Loader attempted to divide by zero. Why it is dividing, I don’t know.

If you’re feeling brave, you can try PICLoader or pycloader (C vs. Python). http://sf.net/projects/ifi-picloader I wrote pycloader, so any problems you have with it I’d love to hear about. (I think it might be better implemented than the original IFI loader.)