IFI Loader error "No programming board found"

Hi all,

I have installed MPLab along with the IFI loader for vex from the vex website. When I try to upload a demo .hex file onto the robot through IFI, it gives me the message “No programming board found…” and stops the upload. I have searched a long time for a solution but couldn’t find any; please help.
Here’s a screen shot.

The Controller Verification works fine, I pressed the button on the orange cable, and the PGRM status led on the vex blinks slowly. It seems to behave like this even when the vex is off, so I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the cable? Then again, when I used this cable with EasyC the robot worked fine.

I am thoroughly confused :confused: , please help!


A common cause of the symptoms are not setting the IFI_Loader port to match the usb adaptor or serial port you are connected to.
I see you’re using COM3, so try COM4. Many usb serial adaptors will default to one or the other.

One at a time try selecting each of the com ports under “PortSettings” had downloading.

P.S. “Controller Verification” isn’t any use in just detecting if a device is attached. It’s really for identifying the download protocol the loader needs to use, but if it doesn’t find any controller then it just defaults.

Sorry, I don’t know much about vex, but…

Is there a program mode the robot should be in?
Is the cable plugged in correctly?
Is the driver for the cable installed?
Has this setup worked in the past?

Wow! Thanks for the quick replies :slight_smile:

The problem is solved. I tested all other COM ports, and it turned out that COM7 worked. Thanks again for the help.

You guys are awesome

If you want to find out which COM port to use without trial and error, you can check the Device Manager and look under Ports to see which ports you have available.

To get to Device Manager, Use Windows Key+Break to open System, select the Hardware tab, click on Device Manager). Or Start–> Run–>devmgmt.msc