IFI_Loader problem(new to C, newb)

After I compile the .hex in MPLAB IDE I open the IFI_Loader browse for the .hex and when I click open and error shows saying: “Invalid Address: 0x0 (Correct Range : 0x800-0x7fff)” :ahh:

I tried saving the .hex in MPLAB IDE with a program memory range of 0 to 0x800 and I still get this error in IFI_Loader. I know it has to do with some setting in MPLAB IDE when compiling but I have no clue.

Thanks for the help,
A Newb

Did you include 18f8520user.lkr in the build? This tells the linker where usable memory is located.


I included it and it I am still having the same problem

If you want, e-mail the zipped-up build directory to me and I’ll have a look at it tonight.