IFI Site IR Boards

im just wondering why they wont tell the price but they just added a 5 so now it look like $5x.xx

what is their motive??!??!

ours is fried:D

It looks like they haven’t quite yet finalized what the cost will be. But seeing the $5x.xx gives teams that need to replace it a ballpark number that they will need to spend.

I personally think $5x.xx is way out of line. Since you can get the TinyIR2 kit for $25 plus shipping. I cannot believe manufacturing and distribution costs would justify doubling the cost.

I’d also like to know how they are going to manage the distribution of the remaining units such that the teams that need to replace their “fried” ones can have a chance at getting one, versus teams that only want a spare or an extra one.

We just fried our board (no clear reason, everything but the chip is working). We are planning to switch to TinyIR2. They are smaller, cheaper, and easier to service. Planning on ordering a couple of complete kits plus some spare chips, that way we always have a working spare while we service the other board.

We want to put the Tauntek order in today, but we don’t have Bob Grieb’s (Tauntek) address (still waiting on an email reply). If anyone has previously ordered from Tauntek, please PM it to me (don’t post it since he didn’t post it on his site must not want it posted on the net).


Looking for this?:


Thanks for trying to help Ricky, but that is just his email address. The person who is ordering has already sent an email but hasn’t gotten a reply yet. We would like to get the order in the mail today since Tauntek is on the other side of the country from us.