IFI Traction Wheels

The new wheels were supposed to be out in mid december and it is now the 22nd. They will not be open again until Jan 2. Kind of a bummer, anyone know any more info about this?

I am pretty sure that they are available for sale because we were talking about ordering them the other day and I am sure that we did. Thier website says anything ordered from there as of 3 o clock today which has passed then your order will not ship out until the 2nd, which means that you can order them but it will just sit until the second.:slight_smile:

Maybe I missed it but I dont see anything new on there. I see the old ones but nothing new on the site.

I guess they are not available yet. I heard some saying that there were not going to be many changes but I am not sure. I cannot help but I am sure well pretty positive that we will order some. But again I can’t help.

I have been waiting for both IFI and Andy Baker to show their new stuff… They always have new stuff in December or Jan. Andy showed some new wheels at the event hosted by the Ford teams this past October in Warren Michigan.

I have not ordered yet as I am waiting to see if there is a new version. I guess I will have to wait until Jan to see if there are new wheels.

Options for wheels is always a good thing. I know of many teams using the IFI wheels last year and they were very pleased. The wheels from AndyMark offer some interesting configurations.