IFI Wheels CAD models?

Does anyone know where to find CAD models for the IFI Wheels, since the switch from the ifirobotics web page to the vexrobotics.com site I cannot find them anywhere. I have a couple old wheel models saved on my computer, but don’t have the IFI-WHEEL-615-38 model. If anyone can find them let me know here, or shoot me a PM.

You can find them at Team 1323’s Website.

My traction wheels = cylinders with holes cut in them for axles. I cad for function. :slight_smile: Although 1323 does have a nice setup going.


Ask this same question at www.vexforum.com in the Official Answers forum. It is the official Q&A site for VEX and VEXpro. (The IFI robotics product line is now called “VEXpro”.) A few things were misplaced during the conversion from the old IFI/VEX Website to the new one, but the developers have been working diligently to fix problems as they come up.

Variety of VEX wheels on www.3DContentCentral.com. All file formats.