iF's Second Meeting

Well the first meeting went great, so we’re looking at doing it one more time before our live meeting at Riverrage.

Same time and place as before. For those of you who weren’t there it was at www.first-a-holics.org/chat.html and it started at 9 PM EST. Anyone who can’t attend the meeting, feel free to email me with your comments, questions, or concerns at lmachadoiv@inspirationinc.org.

Can’t wait to see you all there, and I should be there in person this time.

Talk to you all later.

OK all, I have to apologize in advance, but due to request and a sudden change in my life, we’re going to push the meeting to Saturday at the same time and place. We’re trying to give a chance to everyone else to get to these meetings. It also gives me a little bit longer to prepare. Thanks everyone for understanding and I apologize again.

Yours in FIRST,
Leon O. Machado IV
President, The Inspiration Foundation Inc.

ok its 9pm now and the meeting should start soin, if you plan on coming please do so and if you cant make it, we will try to have a transcript up later tonight.

Thank you to everyone who attended this meeting, it was a step in the right direction. We have many issues nailed down now and also have had some progress since that meeting. I will post a link later to the chat transcript (from an aim chat room due to IRC problems we transfered the meeting) and also will note some specific points from the meeting. Also for all those who do not know, iF will be having multiple meeting at River Rage. We also are planning to do a live web-cast from R.R., hopefully with video and audio from the meetings… That is almost at a completed stage of having, it just needs a few more tests and a few bugs fixed, but as i said before, more info on everything will be posted shortly.
Thanks Again for the continued support and participation,
Michael Dessingue

Just curious, what are some of the plans for iF? Any projects iF is doing right now?

*Originally posted by Ken L *
**Just curious, what are some of the plans for iF? Any projects iF is doing right now? **

right now the main focus of iF is to get organized. After that, there are decent amount of projects that we want to do, although we arent sure which ones we should tackle first/ whch ones are the most important. Once we get orgaized we will know more.

I couldn’t make it to this meeting because I was in Maryland. Did could someone let me in on the details?

Nick, much of this meeting was just an repeat of the past weeks, plus a few items were discussed that were not mentioned at the past meeting. On Saturday, Leon joined us and went over what he missed the past week, he also gave a little more info on some of the plans with The Inspiration Foundation Inc. Also it was finally announced that at River Rage this Saturday the 6th, there will be multiple meetings with iF. Again, with current situations the way that these meetings may be broad casted or transcribed to people unavailable to attend in currently not 100% known, but should be with in the next 6-24 hours. I will link the chat transcript as soon as i locate it from Ashlee, which should also be within today.

Thanks for the continued support,
Michael Dessingue
C/O Inspiration Foundation Inc.