IGES File of teh KOP

Would somebody be interested in exporting the entire KOP as an IGES files so I can bring it into another software?

Chris Tellers
Team #3026
The Berzerkisatni Knights

I am using SolidWorks and would love for somebody to export the KOP as an IGES file so I can import them into SolidWorks.

SolidWorks is not able to import the Inventor or the Pro-E Files.


I am working on it - Here is the slick wheel from AndyMark. I cant open the Inventor or ProE files so I need to get these from the manufacturers and convert. The process is slow. Marie


Thanks to Andy and Mark I was able to finish the AM Long Frame last night


You can download it in IGES, SolidWorks 2007, 2008, Autocad or what ever else.

Thank you too for Felix adding the model for the orital ball.


Is anyone working on drafting the electronics in Solidworks?

If no one is working on it, i suppose i could start to work on it and post it on the 3dcontent site… But, i was hoping someone already had some available…

someone did draft the gaming router, and it looks pretty nice.

I use SolidWorks 2007 SE BTW…

Here is thelink to the NI Controller on 3Dcontentcentral.com

I don’t know the electronics in the kit. Do you have part numbers and manufacturers? I might be able to call them on Monday if they are SolidWorks customers and ask for files on your behalf.

I used a new technology in SolidWorks to save the NI Controller. I took the step model file from NI and confirmed with First CAD Library and then saved the assembly as a SolidWorks part. It is a single part with all extracted faces - much lighter in file size.



Thanks, the cRIO is one of the things I’ve already obtained. I’m mostly trying to get the power distribution board, and the digital sidecar. http://andymark.biz/09electronics.html

I think they were made by Diversified systems.

I also think they are already drafted with autodesk inventor, but i don’t have inventor currently installed. https://firstbasefrc.autodesk.com/?nd=kitofparts.

also trying to get the Axis camera and perhaps the robot signal light.

this diagram might help a little. http://usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/2009%20Power%20distribution%20diargam.pdf

I need a step file to reverse engineer it back to SolidWork format - funny I dont have a copy of Inventor either. Once in SolidWorks format, I can then post it in all file formats. Maybe some one will post tonight - if not, I will do the research for you tomorrow.



There are some amazing SolidWorks users out there that are helping you out.

Here is the link to the Digital Side Car by TVHS Robotics - great job.




There are some amazing SolidWorks users out there that are helping you out.

Here is the link to the Digital Side Car by TVHS Robotics - great job.


Camera Bracket is by Andrew Bates -


For those that contribute to 3dcontentcentral from Jan 18 - Jan 25, 2009, send me a private email with your address and I will send you a SolidWorks Tshirt. Thankyou for helping out all FIRST users.


Here it the link for the camera.

I merged all the components into one part. It is alot smaller in file size.


Thank you Brandon.


I am not certain if I have all the electronics parts posted on www.3dcontentcentral.com in all file format. Take a look and let me know.
Also, let me know more of the parts you need. Customers have been emailing me files and I just put them up.


The Robot Signal Light has now been uploaded on www.3dcontentcentral.com. I think most of the electronics have been uploaded by now. There might be a few stragglers like the encoders and stuff but most of it seems to be available now. Thanks for everyone’s hard work.


Anytime Marie…the NUTRONs are glad to be of service to Solidworks, because Solidworks is AMAZING!

Can you guys do the drivers station and modems and stuff? If its not to much to ask the joystick would be sweet also