IGES Model of Large CIM Motor

I’ve tried importing into Solidworks 2005 from the Virtual Kit of Parts but it doesn’t work. Is anyone willing to take a moment to make an IGES formatted model of the new, large CIM motor and share that with the world? You’d be my hero.

I don’t see a Big CIM model in the Virtual KOP. The little ones in there. I’m surprised you’re the first to post requesting this model. I’ve been waiting and watching for it to show up myself. If it doesn’t show up by the weekend I’ll measure one up and post a model then.

I assume you’ll post a reply here to let people know? I’ve been looking for that model myself and will watch this thread. Any idea what type of belt is intended for it?

M. Krass has enlightened us here:


Here’s a few CAD model versions of the Big CIM model. We didn’t go crazy detailing it but it’s pretty accurate, and we also took off the belt tension pulley, spring and gear, so this is just the shaft and motor.

(right click and save as)
[AutoCAD model](http://www.179swampthing.org/resources/autocad/big cim.dwg)
[Acis Model](http://www.179swampthing.org/resources/autocad/big cim.sat)
[STEP Model](http://www.179swampthing.org/resources/autocad/big cim.stp)
[IGES Model](http://www.179swampthing.org/resources/autocad/big cim.igs)

Enjoy :smiley:

Dan, I have a question. When I looked at the dimensions of the STEP file, the radius of the motor read as about 1.37mm. All the other dimensions are similarly scaled. Did you, by chance, model the motor in english, in a metric file, or is my inventor just screwed up?

The IGES file seems to work fine. Maybe its Inventor.

I modeled it in AutoCAD in english units. AutoCAD used to be able to set to metric units, but seems like they dropped that feature - strange. Anyhow I don’t do the metric thang :wink:

Has anyone translated the the new window motors from Inventor yet? I don’t really care to load Inventor, just to iges the parts out. SolidWorks has not cracked the new Inventor encription yet. If anyone has them, I would rellay appreciate it of you could post them. I have SW 2006.