ignore thread option

Occasionally I’ll find a thread in a forum which I generally participate, but discussing a prospect I don’t really care about.

Is there an option to ignore a thread, so it does not appear to have new posts?


Select the threads you don’t want notifications from and move them out of your subscription folder or delete them outright.

User CP > Subscribed Threads > List Subscriptions

Sure, that works for not receiving email updates.

I meant this to make it easier to find new threads, not simply stay current with threads I’ve already read.

One effect of this is I would be able to look at the Technical Forums (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=50) and tell if there’s any NEW threads in each forum, or if the new posts are just threads I’ve decided to stop watching.

I feel your pain:



For what you are asking about, would probably require a vBulletin plug-in to be installed.

Is this a user-side plugin? How would I go about installing it?

Found relevant vBulletin 3.6 mod:


I believe there is a Greasemonkey script that can do this if you use Firefox. I’ll have to dig around when I get home to see if I can find it.

Here’s a greasemonkey one for vBulletin 4:

Do you think this would work on vBulletin 3?

Does that vBulletin mod have to be installed for the whole site, or can it be installed individually by a user?

3.6.4. It’s shown at the very bottom of each page

Yeah, I realized that right after I posted.

I’m also guessing that the mod has to be installed by the site admin.

Yes it does. Most stuff written for VB4 won’t work on VB3.