Igus linear sliders

Our team is looking at using some linear slides to use for our ramp deployment. We noticed from our old KOP that there were some IGUS nwy-14001 linear slides and we were wondering if anyone has ever had any experience with them? We feel that these will slide better and be more low profile than using a linear system with bearings.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

We have prototyped with them but not used them in the end. They slide well but bind if they are not well aligned. Our manufacturing was not precise enough. We did not use CAD/CNC.

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In 2017 we had two arms slide on Igus rails to help pick up gears. We occasionally saw some binding but I would imagine a lot of that was because the arms were cantilevered and the sliding blocks were machined down to fit in the profile we needed. The sliders did what we wanted them to and took up less space than any other solution we looked at. I think these will be fine as long as you avoid modifying the rails and blocks and keep the load as close to the rail as possible.

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Binding seems to be the biggest issue we saw when prototyping.

In 2011, Team 1089 used them to build an elevator system. We didn’t experience any binding issues with them. You need to be meticulous when you install it. Last season Team 5431 prototypes and tested an elevator with them, again didn’t have any binding issues.

Best of luck with them

We were thinking of using them instead of bearings to reduce friction when lowering our ramps. WE thought it might perform better but I am worried what happens when the load is sufficiently cantilevered. Maybe putting a hinge after that point and use the sliders as a glide.

When you used it for your elevators, did you leave it dry or use some kind of lubricant?

We left them dry, the datasheet for the IGUS linear slide system tells you specifically NOT to lubricate them.

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They work okay in many applications. For what you’re doing, what about a set of drawer sliders?

We (Team 5000) used the drylin W double rails (https://www.igus.com/product/732) with the 6" trolleys last year and will again this year. They never bound up. The rails do need to be supported, although this year we are milling out material between the rails to lighten them.