IGUS looking for feedback

Hello Everyone,
IGUS is a sponsor of FIRST and provider of products for the kit of parts. For 2006 Team 357 used nearly 300 Igus bearings on our robot(If you want to know where, just look at Jester Drive and our ball collector…) and found them to suit our needs without any failures!

    What do you like about their products and what don't you like?  Does the thought of using plastic parts worry you?  What would you like to see included in the kit of parts??

We are interested in how you used IGUS products and if you think you might use more of them this year.

What are your thoughts???

Didn’t IGUS include some E-Chain wire managment stuff last year? We didn’t end up using it, but boy we wished we had that stuff in 2005. In 2005 we looked at purchasing some of it for our telescoping arm, but decided we couldn’t spend that much money on it - so when it came in the 2006 kit, we were very excited.

well our igus expierience was very diffrent from yours. we used the igus blocks for our wheels and unforunatley they kept cracking and failing so we were constantly loosing wheels. however we used the igus for a small pivet joint on our shooter, an idler sprocket, and for the conveyor. in hind site the igus are great when they are not in harms way. a place wher the igus will never be vulnerable to impact is probably the best place to use igus.

I first saw them on 173 a few years back and I was really, really impressed at what they were able to do with it! I personally gave lots of thought about using it last year, but I don’t think A) it was necessary and B) most people on the team would have agreed with me.

We used a few of the plastic pillow blocks to hold one of our roller axels on. Never had any problems with it and it was MUCH lighter than anything else we would’ve used.

I love plastic parts in the right places. Benjamine was given good advice.:smiley:

We used the plastic bearings to support our shooter wheel along with the Igus shafting (it was truer than the simple extruded stuff we started with). They performed with no problems. We had plans to used the plastic linear bearings to make a sliding section of the shooter but ran out of time before it was implemented.

We used the igus bearings with great success this year. Used 4 of the pillow blocks on our ball collector along with assorted shaft collars. Also used igus bearings on our active hopper floor (timing belt with some cleats on it) and on our nylacron elevator chain.

Great stuff, very light, definitely would use it again! :wink:


I remember that we used them alot… and they broke… alot