IHOT 1414 - 2018 Reveal Video

We just finished the reveal video for our 2018 robot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iSY9XDIXEY&. We’re excited to be competing again! Good luck to all teams and see you on the field!

Nice Work !!

I like all the lightening on the gripper plates.

254 2011 lives on! We took inspiration from similar designs I think. Well done, IMO

That looks great. What was your process for the arms?


Thank you! The arm is driven by two 775pros, first going into a Versaplanetary and after into an external gearbox for the overall reduction of 803.08:1.

Thank you for all the waterjet help!

Thanks. I was really asking about the arms themselves they clearly came out of a CNC router – did you do that yourself or send them out?

Are you off by a decimal on your reduction? (Or did you all assume that the milk crates would actually contain 4 gallons of milk? :slight_smile: )

It looks like the cable carrier on your elevator is flapping around like crazy. You might want to take out a few links to keep it constrained to one plane of motion.

Higher reductions make control easier, FWIW. 800:1 may seem overkill but it’s still quite fast and easy to control via a simple PID loop. 2.3 seconds for a full rotation, or around 0.6 seconds for a quarter rotation.

What? at 800:1 with 2" sprocket or spool diameter…the elevator would only move at around ~0.7 in/s or even slower.

I’m willing to bet it’s actually 80:1

Arm, not elevator. :wink:

I am not quite on top of things today. You are right.

Our wrist is like ~400:1, so I can believe it.

All of our plates (including those on the arm) were done by a waterjet. The reduction is actually 800:1 for the arm. Like others have said, it makes controls easier while remaining plenty fast.