IK question

I haven’t played with the new IK system yet, so forgive me if this is a moronic question. When drawing your own bones is there a way to have multiple bones branch out from below a single bone? As if you were making bones for a hand, say, and wanted to have finger bones branch out from the wrist.

i already checked on that for ya to make sure my answer is correct. it works just like on older version 3.1. all you have to do is click on the bone where you see the diamond shape at the end. hit in the middle and it will start your bone attached to the last bone. aim(wes16zeus). if you dont understand.

Ah, the joys of IK animation. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. At least this time you can alter the position of bones without it trying to give you a solution. Now, if only we could alter the length…

have you tried an un-uniformed scale? i tried it and it worked great. good thing is…it only scales the axis you tell it to. works good even with bones.

… except that NUscales in a parent/child chain leads to all children being NUscaled along a projected axis, and sometimes you DO want to control their scale. Unless they fixed it to be like bipeds… must investigate.