Illegal Robot Part?

This was taken from AndyMark’s post on Facebook:

Things sure are interesting these days at AndyMark. While we are working hard to fill orders and get out-of-stock parts back in stock this week, other fun things are happening:

  • Mark, Jerry, Brant, and Brandon are all out at FIRST HQ, training to be FTA’s for this year’s events.
  • Our local rookie FRC team 3940 is progressing on their robot build. The robot drive base drove today, and the shooter is fairly consistent, so that is god.
  • We are finishing up a quickly built custom robot for the Sons of Guns TV show on the Discovery channel. We’ll post some pictures tomorrow night.

So what do you think? Can God be a legal robot part?

andymark robot god.jpg

andymark robot god.jpg

I got some in my KOP - didn’t you?

I thought it was a FIRST Choice item?

What about Chuck Norris?

There is nothing on the Inspection Checklist for inspectors to check off.

I didn’t know Tim Teblow was into FRC.

The rules don’t say it isn’t legal, and I should know, it’s my job.

ive got god duct taped to my robot

It would be impossible to comply if he were outlawed, so why not? Nothing wrong with a quick pre-match prayer either. And/or a Tebow when you win. :smiley: