Team 4125 and 4980 are excited to announce the launching of the #Ilooklikeanengineer campaign.

Our goal is to have young students understand that it is possible for anyone to become an engineer. When Google searching the word “engineer” and going to images, the first 28 images showed 24 men and 4 women. With the, #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign, we hope to show younger students that the faces of engineering are diverse and all are welcome. With the help of others throughout the nation, FRC teams 4980 and 4125 hope their combined efforts will result in at least 9,105 new faces in engineering.

To find out what you can do to get involved check out http://www.facesofengineering.com/ or email us at [email protected].

This is awesome!

Just a minor suggestion, maybe try using the team names instead of numbers a bit more on the site. Anyone in FRC will know what that is immediately, but since (I assume) this is targeted towards the general public, it might be a bit confusing what or who “team 4980” is.

Other than that, great job! I hope it succeeds. All genders and nationalities deserve to realize that engineering knows no boundaries.

As the mentor for the only active all-girls FRC team in Illinois and engineering teacher at an all-girls school, I totally support this cause. Way to go! I recall my team taking photo’s with a sign that had this hashtag at an off-season competition last year.

Can you explain what your teams are actually doing to promote the #ilooklikeanengineer campaign? Have you had photobooths at competitions this year? Have your teams hosted any events you could tell us about?

Or are you just collecting the photos?
Can we follow the progress of number of collected photos by following your twitter accounts?

To start off, way to go, we love hearing about all girls teams! To promote this campaign, we have been working with Blue Chalk media, a documentary film company, Oregon STEM Hub, and the National Girls Collaborative so far. We wanted to make a larger campaign out of the already existing hashtag. We have not been able to personally hold a photo booth yet, however, team 5805 is hosting one at the Philomath District Event this weekend. Team 4980 took a photo shoot earlier this year, and we started working with them on the campaign Monday we just published the site on Tuesday. Therefore, we couldn’t get back to you on the photo booth’s success right now, we can get back to you later this year. Along with the photo booths, we are also collecting photos, we will not be able to reach all of the locations we want to and hope that as this grows we will get pictures from all across the United States. We would love to use the photographs your team took to feature the work you have already done in a blog post. We are amazed by how much attention it has gotten in the first 24 hours of it’s existence. Thank you for your support so far, and we will do our best to keep you updated through our website and twitter.