This is one wierd site.

Now, for those who like a spoiler and don’t want to solve the mystery themselves, go here.


ONI tech Kowalski:** (coughs) Anyway, she shouldn't feel that slowness through Nav & Comm. anymore.  
 **Midshipman Arrelts:**  Great. You know what they say: Happy ship  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** Happy crew. Yeah. (coughs) Yeah, I know a lot of about these systems.  
 **Midshipman Arrelts:** That's great, what with it being your job and all.  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** fr'instance - know what the single ...] best correlate is for these babies, in terms of matching personality to service designation? Favorite game. 
 **Midshipman Arrelts:** Favorite game?  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** You know, from before. Tag - that's regular navy, like destroyers. Command HQ is usually Truth or Dare, something like that. Red Rover - 
 **Midshipman Arrelts:** Light ...] picket?  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** Couriers, too.  
 **Midshipman Arrelts:** (laughs) I never would have thought... So what about her?  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** The Operator? (coughs) File's classified.  
 **Midshipman Arrelts:** ...] Even for you?  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** Well, of course, I know, but I really shouldn't  
 **Midshipman Arrelts:** Come on! I won't tell!  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** Well...  
 **ONI tech Kowalski:** Well... (whispers) Spin the Bottle.  
 **Midshipman Arrelts:** (laughs)  
  **ONI tech Kowalski:** (laughs)

… I’m so confused.

Should I be? :confused:

From what I understand is a clever marketing ploy for Halo 2. If you click the link that JosephM provided there is an article that discusses this. You have to read the whole article.

It’s a very interesting twisting trail that could mean everything for Halo 2, or absolutely nothing at all (but this is most definitely set up by Bungie and/or MS). This thing is hudge, and has far to go, it will be interesting to see what will happen Aug. 24.

Has anyone here played Knights of the Old Republic? Because in the course of the game a question comes up that is woded alonge these lines: If you we able to decode your enemy’s transmissions and you learned that your homeworld would be targeted in X number of days, would you save your people and therefore let the emeny know that you know their code? or would you let suffer the masses and use the tactical advantage that you gain by knowing the secret codes?
I just thought that that was an interesting parallel.

Well that site was interesting…now if Halo 2 does release on August 24 I will be a very happy person…if not I will just wait…

Don’t count on it…I’m the manager for a game store up here and everything we’re getting from MS right now says Nov 9…


If MS wants to keep this launch date under wraps - what is going to stop them from printing the original date - but just ship earlier w/ a set of new instructions?