I'm getting addicted!

This forum is addicting! Now I m just starting a thread to let everybody know that I’m addicted…

…okay,okay, It was to show you guys this picture because it is soo… I know that I’m a guy and this is probably going to affect what you all think about me but…

Well thanks for letting us know how addicted you are, but most of us probably assumed your addiction level was high since you post to begin with.

and now a little picture of my own


 Why thank you for your support! It's so nice to know that there are people like you out there who are willing to go out of there way to be kind to a person who wants to lighten up somebody's day! :)

lol, you are funny.

I am going ot have to agree, some of these chit chat post are getting out of hand. Seems like people are just posting because they are bored or just want to post for no reason

I’m kinda sorta maybe almost sure that that just might be the reason the
Chit-Chat section was created.
If it’s not, can you PLEASE enlighten me as to just why it was created?
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

lol, it is not getting out of hand! people posting stuff beacuse they are bored and that’s is teh whole point why they have it. for people who are bored and not bored.

Chit Chat is suppose to be on something that does not relate to FIRST or robotics or anything there was at least three post in the past 24 hours that were one sentence post. These are pointless and should be saved for AIM

here is a couple of post that just don’t belong on CD

hug thang

many bla bla post

Here is a good post from Andy baker about needless post

needless post

I am not trying to get on anyone’s case i am just trying to keep CD as good as it can be. I see alot of you are new to the forums so just watch everyone post and learn what is appropriate and whats not

thank you

message boards = fun! :slight_smile: thundercats! HO!

Forgive me for posting twice in a row, however, you have just said yourself that chit-chat is for threads that don’t have anything to do with FIRST. I’d say those threads you linked to are perfect examples of this and therefore belong on chit-chat. In relation to the final thread you linked to, anyone who’s looking for information on the CD forums would no doubt be looking for info about FIRST, and would therefore not look in the chit-chat forums.

just pointing out the obvious

my my people we are arguing over a freaking forum… is chit-chat a place for fun or is it a place for people to unwind after this intense 6 weeks!? my gosh people lighten up and have some respect for these people on saying oh your thread sucks because its one sentence… my my :wink:

CHIT-CHAT= Meaningful conversations about **important **topics.

Ok, i know i have been on everybody’s butt’s lately about posting serious things, and etc. but seriously…why do we post such ridiculous things? Half of these posts/threads could be done in AIM and save Brandon some server space and not clutter it with useless “CRAP”.

So thinikg about what you write, does it make sense? Do I want Hundreds of people to view something that i only want a select few to view??? think about

You can’t tell me that that cat isn’t meaningful…
the first time I saw it I cried for 15 minutes because it touched my heart…

well… maybe not 15 minutes, but I did sneeze after looking at it just now before plopping the “Unreal Tournamate 2004” CD into the drive :slight_smile:

Ok, step away from the computer, bake some brownies, go to the mall, get out and breathe!

last time I baked brownies I set myself on fire. :frowning:


You want him to set himself on fire? You monster!!! :ahh: :eek:

ok, maybe I didn’t set myself on fire, but I did TRY to set bemis on fire once.