I'm in need of assistance...

Ok, I’m not very familiar with cgi bins. I need to have this counter script installed and I’m kinda lost on what to do… anyone familiar with it or something similar? http://www.scriptarchive.com/textcounter.html Thanks in advance for any help!

well ok then, if know one can help me there, how bout someone showing me an easy way to do a counter, it can be text or graphical.

Well, I really don’t know what to tell you but to read the readme file. It contains all the instructions necessary to install that counter script. If you have problems with particular areas in the readme, then we probably can help. Right now, I could blindly pull out 10 areas you may or may not need help with. :slight_smile:

So, try to install & then ask when you run into a problem.


Well basically its trying to get it to function. I’ve set it up according to the instructions and then put the code it told me to put in, but it wont work… heres the page: http://www.reformtheboard.org/index.html

Where on that page is it supposed to be?

Well, it was on there, but i took it down, Thanks for trying to help me but I’ve got another person who’s gunna set it up, i’m just gunna have them walk me thru it so that i’ll pick up on it. Thanks though.

Just an FYI…if at all possible, use another scripting language like PHP, or ASP. It’s easier to set-up in my opinion, and more flexible [not to mention at times less server-risky].