I'm not a fan of this years game

After viewing the VCU regional, I not that excited about this game, It seems that if you really try you can stop the other teams easier as well. I know FIRST tried to create a game that you could determine the score easier than last year, but I like triple play and FIRST FRENZY better.

Please see Nattering Noobs of Negativity

Hold on, If you don’t like the game, then don’t play. Did you make up the game, no. Did you give ideas and suggestions? Seeing that that was your first post, I doubt it. But please don’t say “I hate this game it suxs” well deal with it. Just play the game presented in front of you and if you don’t like that it’s easy to prevent people from scoring, then design a way to make it so it isn’t.

It is difficult for me to judge the game on the first day of the first week.
Like last year, the first week of Triple Play was not the popular.

Move discussion to Week 1: Thoughts, Comments.


If I have offended anyone by my earlier comments, I sincerly apologize, It was not my intent. I finished watching the rest of the VCU webcast and I will must say I was really impressed with the game, the strategy of the teams and the designs of the robots. With this game FIRST has raised the bar once again and challenged our community to do thier best once again. I guess I wasn’t impressed with the earlier matches but once the teams got a few matches under there belts I really appreciated what I saw. I think autonomous mode is key. Again, my apologies.