Im so deticated to FIRST and robotics that......

im so deticated that i find drill bits, alan wrenches, and nylon bolt
in my pants pockets and shoes randomly after regionals or after workin on the robot

Sounds like one for the Overdosed thread or the Addicted thread.

And I never had that happen, but I did tend to clear my pockets during meetings.

yea im interested in wat happens to other people

I learned to spell and punctuate. :wink:

I have a PWM cable from 2008 and a potentiometer from 2009 regionals in my back pack and a blow up sword from team 1836 Milken Knights from 2008 LA Regional in the back seat of my car.

I’m so dedicated that I’ve kept all my travel itineraries and luggage claim tickets from all the events that I’ve traveled to over the years. Not to mention beads and buttons.

that 42 actually makes sense…

That whenever I drive past a church all I can think is, “I wonder if I could start an FLL team there?”

…that my roommate thinks I’m crazy. (I haven’t succeeded in getting her to go to a competition yet, because then she will change her mind.)

… that I wear the same stuff we use to protect wiring as a bracelet (I can’t take credit, this really awesome girl on my team made it for me). is my home page and i have a F.I.R.S.T.Tattoo… and if you DONT find drill bits, zip ties and screws your pockets, your not working hard enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is also a good place to mention the part where I left my surprise birthday party sleepover thing as early as I could to go watch Championships last year with some of my team in a basement.

im so deticated i find myself forgettin that i have my saftey glasses on my head and i wear them on my head everywhere even church.

I am so dedicated to FIRST and robotics that my birthday was on kick off and I have been sleeping and been on chiefdelphi and TBA.

I have a 1/4 screw that I refuse to part with. (Long story) I’ve got a matching washer for it…

A mentor (also the school district’s IT guy) threatened to block CD when Cody and I were plotting to crash the school server. (He did it first…)

After the West Michigan event, I walked into a convince store in full FIRST regalia. Hard hat with Killer Bee antenna, safety glasses, BOB rag hanging from back pocket, and of course, covered in buttons.

I spend more hours of CD than on Facebook.

Cody and I are plotting to make 47 of something known as a delphi. As in 12 is a dozen, 13 a bakers dozen…47 will be a delphi.

I’m so dedicated to FIRST that I don’t throw out a single thing related to robots and keep it all in a box >< buttons, papers, extra safety glasses that suddenly appear in my house…

wow so im not so crazy
more addictied

I have recently been checking and posting on Chief Delphi from my phone in the middle of boring classes at school

…at first, the feeling of safety glasses on my face would stick around for a few hours after a regional…

…now it’s a permanent feeling.

I’ve driven 2,000 miles roundtrip (from New Hampshire to Indiana) to volunteer at an event. Multiple times. '07 and '08 Boilermaker Regional and '07 IRI.