I'm working :)

Hey all…

Just wanted to say that I really am working… (sometimes… :))

Anywho… i’d like to finish up some more of the backend tommorrow, but check out http://dev.firstscouting.org/fsn_work/1-1-2004/ Take a look at working.php and use show_source.php?s=FILE to view any codeing you want to…

Just to let ya know what working does… (well… really what all it calls)…

As of now, I can call an XML file, parse it into an object, have nifty functions for calling just say team data or match data, have created an easy way nav. through the data object (Ex: $data->value(‘RSS>DATA>TEAMD>RECORD1>TEAM_NUMBER’); ) somewhat make a working db structure (lol.), created a way so that someone can submit say <teamnum>47</teamnum>, but then change it so that FSN can use it as TEAM_NUMBER instead. I’ve also started the insert process and hopefully can finish that up along with a xml dump tommorrow. Of course, i’ll need to add things to these scripts so that instead of inserting “yes” into the database for a responce, I can insert 1 or 0, etc… also, data valiadation, etc…

We’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

Now, ATTENTION: I’m going to need people to make a front-end for all of this… Either it can be done for FSN, or a person can make it for their site. I don’t care. I’ll finish up all the nitty-gritty back end stuff… and then open it for suggestions, etc… I’ll just don’t have the time to make a pretty front end.

I’ll post mroe soon!


Hey Jack,
Sorry about never getting around to actually completing a design for the FSN, however, if you want I can make a GUI/Front End for the network for the scouting information to be displayed on FSN. I can also make an independent GUI/Front End if you would like for people to use on their websites for their teams. Let me know if I can help out in anyway.


as promised… i now can take an xml file, and insert the data within it into the database…

Over the next few days i’ll try to push to finish up ways of validating data, dealing with different data handles, create a script to create the standards, and then data export.

Just wanted to let yall know that it’s coming… :slight_smile:

Check out http://dev.firstscouting.org/fsn_work/1-2-2004/ if you want to see more :slight_smile: