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actions speak louder than words!!

I don’t know whether it’s because you haven’t read the rules or your team just doesn’t realize this at all, but your light has to be viewable from all angles and protruding by at least 4". Otherwise, you’ll either be disqualified or won’t pass inspection till you fix it.

Nice job

Oh and thats where that robot went…its been gone for awhile now, but its good to see its in 1 piece still under your table :smiley:

Oh and monsieurcoffee:

Team Update 12
Revolving light visibility:
We thought Team Update #5 that talked about the visibility of the revolving light was clear but given the number of follow-up questions, apparently not. Many questions have been answered on the Message Board as well relative to the light. Please… follow the intent of this rule: mount your light upright, make sure you can change the lens easily, and make sure it is quite visible most of the time.

Its upright, it looks like it can be changed easily, and its viewable most of the time. I see nothing wrong with that, but to be sure, maybe you would want to lift that light up a few inches to be safe.

The rules state that the top 4 inches of the light must be visible from 360 degrees. It is clearly not on that robot.

It sucks that this light thing must constrain creativity, it should be changed next year.

rules get change and updated in the UPDAtes which was quoted above, my oppinion has it that it follows that update

It seems like the judges might be upset but might look the other way on it


is it just me…or did you model your robot after that team 45 bot you have under the table for whatever reason…

people are overreacting about this light issue. the light looks fine

i have been watching the light issue the last few weeks… we need to go under the bar so that is why the light is mounted so low… when it is on, it is easy to tell which team we are on… no matter where you stand you can see the light…and the team 45 robot was a great helpb (thanks guys) but the design of ours was original… if you are referring to the rectangular base with treads then i think 50% of the teams out there coppied off their robot…

looks great!

That light isn’t above the top of the robot AT ALL or is it clearly visible as it’s mounted IN the robot. I’m not trying to say this to ■■■■ anyone off, but FIX IT before competition because it’ll be easier now than during practice rounds. Guess what? Our team also goes under the bar, but we had problems with the light too. Fortunetaly, rather than mounting it IN our robot, ours is at least 4" out, verticle, easy to change, and viewable from 360 degrees. That may have been the hardest part of the robot for teams who want to go under the bar…

Yeah, actions do speak more than words. Look at the TechnoCat’s last year’s bot and this year’s.

Looks great, guys! Wish we could’ve been there this weekend to see it in action! Oh, well - guess we’ll have to wait til Midwest! :slight_smile:

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