Image Discuss: 121 Stacken the Boxen

Yeah its 121 doin what it does best. You got questions start a discussion and I’ll answer.

Just wondering, but do the crates have to be in that orientation to stack them? or can the longer end be pointing front and back (instead of left to right)?

ya only from left to right

Upside down? Sideways? Or do they have to be perfect?

well think about it? we are an 8 year team. we picked up balls last year 3 wide. if we made a stacker that could only pick up a box right side up, that wouldn’t seem like us would it? so short answer any way you can make em fall.

are you using those two large pneumatic cylinders to lift the stack? If you are how long does it take to recharge? The numbers our team looked at regarding pneumatic stacking didnt look too great for the number of times you could stack boxes due to the long recharge time.

You may well have solved this problem

it doesnt take that long to recharge. Before each match we will be running the compressor to get to full air pressure. and basically from box to box the pressure is almost back to full. keep the questions coming.