Image Discuss: 229 Teaser

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what this is showing?

So, any guesses?

Other than those who know too much for it to be fair…

Looks to be a folded up cloth wing. Probably for knocking down the wall of boxes. Am I close?

You are closer than anyone else who has posted a guess.

Erector set enclosed in some sort of wing for knocking down things.

Well form a previous thread that I saw I’m gonna say that it is a Life Raft that expands and hits all the boxes in one shot

The metal and lexan shaft looks kinda like a big spatula in one of those industrial mixers for makin cakes. My guess its a big spatula for makin cakes.

PS Thats some nice TIGin on the aluminum.

A Crate/box PEZ dispenser to carry them or to lift them over bar!

Definantly a cappacino maker.

I think 229 has a new strat to get choosen as an alliance partner…a robot that can make a snack during its off match during finals.

I think it is a stacker, possibly dual function as a wall knocker over.

P.S. I think it is in a covering to keep it clean. It looks as if there is sawdust in there. My guess is that is a protective bag


by the looks of it, it looks like it tunrs into a wall to knock the wall down and also dubles as a stacker

ps. y did u put it in that dirty bag:confused: