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The drive system is basically done, except for properly attatching the wheel treads (bye bye zip-ties), and putting in the pneumatic shifter for the gearboxes.

The box pick-up/lift system also needs to be attatched. We completed it today, but we are waiting for a cylinder to arrive (should tomorrow) to mount it to the bot. When the lift system is folded down, we fit under the 14" bar.

Some other electrical components, coverings, team numbers, sponsors, etc still need to be put on as well.

How much of a gear reduction do you have there?

I can’t recall the exact numbers off the top of my head, but each gearbox has a drill and an atwood in it.

In high gear our final speed is about 10fps.
In low, it’s 1.5 fps.

Our wheel diameter is 6". If you want to figure out the exact reduction, feel free :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the drill motor for?

looks to me that they are matching RPM’s then using the drill as a torque booster

its a 2 motor 2 speed transmission… and it is SWEEEEEET!:smiley: … good ol canadian engineering… which myself, my friend lewis, and our teacher designed… lets just say in high gear it can pull someone who weighs like 200 lbs… i can only imagine what it can do in low… muahaha

We are canadian too. Our gear box is different from this one only in that it is more compact.
Great minds think alike.

Harrison, Sean and the rest of team 783:

Very nice gearbox and drivetrain. This is a robust design which is very well laid out with large bearings. I really like how the drill motor is simply an input device, and if FIRST would change that motor next year, it won’t change your design much.

Also, nice use of extrusions to the benefit to get your chain tension to your front and back wheels… the most efficient way to do a 4 wheel drive.

One question: How do you switch gears? Is that device hidden, or just not installed yet?

Andy B.

We’re using a little pneumatic cylinder on each gearbox to shift.

They are installed and functioning now, but no pics to upload of that just yet. They’ll be up soon.

Thanks for the compliments!

That drivetrain looks all too familiar, lol.

Yes the design may look familiar.

Special thanks goes to Team Epsilon Delta (Team 116) and especially Dave Lavery for their Dual-motor, dual-speed drive transmission design.

Robb Gerber - aka “our Teacher”
Team 783 - Team Advisor

783 drive train.jpg

783 drive train.jpg

Vedy nice

710 VenomTurbo will keeeeel you!

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nice tranny… if you guys ever have weight trouble, though, those bearings on the transmission could definitly br less bulky… i think we use those in our rookie year and they can get weighty and excess… but nice manufacturing

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