Image Discuss: 810 Preview (Digi inputs)

A big thanks goes out to our Electrical mentor… without his organizational genius, wiring our robot this year would have been infinately more time-consuming and complicated.

Oh, and yeah, incase you were wondering, that should be all 16 digi inputs.

woah someone else is using all the digital inputs:)

do u have a custom circuit board or is this just the outputs of various sensors?

outputs of various sensors. we had too many sensors total, and wound up having to double up and use bits to keep state changes on limit switches wired in parallel :p. the wiring is crazy this year.

oh yeah, CAT 5 cable is godly. 24 awg, it’s perfect for running across robot se–err, never mind. i can’t say that yet… :slight_smile:

i can totaly relate!!!
we ended up using ribbon cable running from screw terminal distrobution blocks to connect all of our sensors to try and keep it atleast somewhat organized and easily modular. Rather then having to unsolder something from the 25pin connector we just have to unscrew a wire.

Yeah, we were origionally thinking about using ribbon cable instead of that cat-5 cable and using 15-pin d-cups designed to snap into ribbon to bring sensor inputs from one side to the other (so that if we wanted to take the robot apart, all we’d have to do is disconnect the d-cups), but we couldn’t find any 24awg ribbon that would fit a d-cup, so there went that idea.

Wow… ALL 16 digital inputs? I’m really currious, what are the 16 different sensors and what are they used for on your robot?

Pretty wires :slight_smile: Using black for all the ground connections coulda made it a bit easier to deal with overall though :wink: But colorful is good :smiley:

well, as dan said, we used some CAT-5 cable, because it’s easy to handle when it’s all together (twisted, sheathed, etc), and then our electrical engineer went “dumpster diving” and found a huge 25-pin cable of 24 awg wire. we took the wires out of that, and used those, since they were all in a bundle, and once again, easier to handle. and yes, colors and much prettier :).