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This is a pic of me and my friend Jon at the homecoming game this year! And just to clarify…I’m the girl! haha in case you didn’t already pick up on that! And for those of you who already know me…have no fear…Team 128 will be sportin the skirts again this year! :wink: can’t wait!

hey everyone! i got really bored so yea i started this haha! hope to talk to ya all sometime! leave me a little message or something to read on here! thanks! bye!

How are you doing? Thought I would start posting on here! lol Hope more people will follow me!!

Lets all just follow each other around and post in each others pics…sounds fun to me… :slight_smile:

ooo. discussions on pictures of people! Must Conform!

hey sounds like a plan to me! so what can we talk about? Ash already kinda covered the car thing…so I can’t think of anything right now but if anyone has any ideas please feel free!

hey! I uploaded a new pic so talk on that one k? thanks! :smiley:

Yea this one will disapear soon right?