Image Discuss: Devil ONE ramp down


Team 1018
Rookie Robot
Stack Destroyer/pusher/defender

Ramp is down so our alliance partner can climb on our back to score their 25 points

Good luck to everyone!!!

doesn’t is say somewhere in the rules that you dont get the 25 points if you are on top of another robot?

“An additional 25 points will be awarded to each robot that is touching only the top of the platform at the end of the match.”

your alliance would not be “touching” Please tell me if you think I am wrong

that rule is saying that you cannot touch the wire mesh. At the kickoff, they said something about if a robot is on top of another robot on the top of the platform, they get the points too. That is how we interpreted it to be.
eric b.

I think their intention is much like wildstang’s bot 2 years ago. If a teamate is fully on their back and they are fully on the HDPE, the alliance scores 50. Problem is, if their alliance partner is partly on the mesh, the alliance gets 0 king of the hill points