Image Discuss: Help me with course animation please

This is what I have of the course so far, could someone please tell me how to connect that railing from the outside of the course to the glass? Anyone have a picture of that area? Also I’m wondering if there is even a railing along the top of the glass, I’m pretty sure there isn’t but I wasn’t sure where it goes so I just stuck it there for now…please help me ! :slight_smile: thanks

Off of first site There will be a spline that will connect the sheets of plastic at the sides of the top of the platforn. The exact configuration of this spline is yet to be determined.

^^^ Link would be
There is also posts comming down from spline to the HDPE but unsure on how that is connected

How does this connect?
That is welded to the frame under the HDPE

I think I answered them all.