Image Discuss: Made in England


The UK team have a 'bot. It moves and it stacks. Keep an eye on for more images and videos.

When do the jokes start about Lucas Electrical Systems?

Seriously though, cool robot! I am assuming that your strategy is to pick up the human created stack and maintain it for the rest of the match?

We can create stacks from scratch too! :slight_smile:

battery and compressor on the same side? kinda off off balance don’t ya think?

It also kinf of looks back heavy but its late to change anything this late, I’d be more worried about the control board. It doesn’t look to well protected.

Can you deal with bins that are not upright? I see no mechanism for orienting bins on their sides or upside down.


Some times simplicity is the best way to go. This team built a very simple machine last year (Rookie’s) and got 2nd place at the NY Regionals so dont count these folks out, besides you havent seen the attachments and you cant see the other 45% of the robot thats on the top out of shot.
I believe there are 1/4" steel plates that are not on yet or the afterburners. :slight_smile:
Great job you Britts… WELL DONE.