Image Discuss: Team 1089 Team Mercury's robot Quick Silver

Here is the front view of rookie team 1089’s first robot

Features include-

  1. very powerful 4 wheel drive

  2. 9 ft wide pneumatic sweeping and plowing wall

  3. handless box pickup mechanism unlike anything we’ve seen on other robots- you have to see how this works to believe it

  4. the ability to upright boxes on the field immediately and from any position- truly amazing feature

  5. under the bar profile - easily clears

  6. fairly fast (sorry- no speed available)

Check out this neat machine at the Rutgers Regional. Team 1089 made us proud to be their mentors.

team 25

yes say you are fairly fast, but you have no speed available. Which one is it?

that’s an educated estimate- not a statistic

Fairly fast needs to be good enough.

Thanks for the hype, Wayne. :smiley:

As per fairly fast, we’ll just say that on a scale of 1 - 10, we’re “a little fast” :wink:

I’m glad we’ve shipped, and I’m truly looking forward to Rutgers. Let’s hope Car Knack is wrong about his “No rookies in the finals” predictions.

well, the great Mr. Volcano ret. of team 25 thinks you will do JUST FINE… so fine that i might need one of ur team shirts just in case 25 doesnt do so well :smiley:

You can pick up bims from ANY orientation?!!
we’ll have to keep an eye on you…

OOH! I didn’t even notice this was up! Explain the arm! ::sits ready for a fairtale::

it’s a radial arm with little finger like things at the end. this enables us to run up to a box (right-side up) and lift it using the underneath lip. when the boxes start to lift, there is a slight angle to them, but after which, they are perfectly perpendicular to the floor. the arms can only lift a little more than the height of one box, so in order to have a high stack we must pick up 2 and stack it on one, then 3 on one, and so forth. our arms also have the ability to flip boxes right side up from almost any orientation using grippy things (friction). good terminology there. the finger you see at the end (with the red cap) is used to straighten out boxes so that they sit in their set spaces on another box. and all of this is controlled by 2 pistons. yep. pretty pretty arms.

anything else?

maybe it’s a good thing i wrote the chairman’s essay. i mean, after all, grippy things and finger like things. yeah, go me. :cool:
views attachment look ma! no hands!



I didn’t know you guys posted the robot yet. ERR. Well ya we can stack a stack of 4 in about 40 secounds and we can push back we are a hot robot at 1089 degrees! GO QUICKSILVER~!