Image Discuss: Team 11's Final Robot!

This robot is under the weight limit, can jump over the ramp (without touching it!), fly up the ramp and plow into the boxes in under 2 seconds!!!
The only thing we can’t do is stack boxes very high. But we can control the top of the hill!

I’m sorry but this isn’t funny at all, in fact, this is nasty and i’m throwing up right now. Some team already pulled this type of joke before.

lighten up. its funny. Does the kid exceed the $3500 limit?

And how well can he change bin orientation? :smiley:

Of course the kid doesn"t exceed $3500, people are priceless.

Packing Tape: $6.08
Safety Glasses: $5.96
Little Brother: $0…er, I mean, Priceless

And thus you get a good bot for only $12.04, the only problem will be convincing him when the autonomous period is over and then controlling him.

Geez, lighten up. I thought it was funny.

Just pack some water, Cheerios, and toilet paper in the crate with him…

They stole the ‘walker-bot’ idea from Beatty!

oh god, whats wrong with u pp.l

A brilliant idea but strangely disturbing

I like your new approach to autonomous control, but I don’t think you can use the tape as a fastener.

*Originally posted by Kane_da_slayer *
**oh god, whats wrong with u pp.l **

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with us, we are people in FIRST, we’re expected to be wacky :yikes:

I would just like to say that if you really think that this is disgusting as some might say…u gotta lighten up…seriously…or else M.O.R.T. might come for ya!

im shaking

This bot is illegal! There is no controller and no victors for the motors.

nice robot, although you might want to work on the aesthetics :stuck_out_tongue:

That bot is illegal. It does not have the team number on all 4 sides of the machine. :rolleyes: