Image Discuss: Team 217 Thunderchickens 2003


This is us going up the ramp with wings deployed. The green fabric is very easy to see through, although you can’t tell from this picture.

Very cool looking robot (as i expected). I think we will see you in Pittsburgh (am i right?) so it should be fun. Even though both our robots take up a lot of space going up the ramp I think we would make really good partners

We will be in Pittsburgh and at Midwest, which you guys are both at. We are also going to Great Lakes. I’m sure we’ll be partnered at some time. We always seem to end up on the same team.

Looks good, what type of drive did you guys go with this year?

(Quick question, do you know what happen with your drive last year? My past team (111) help with the current sensing, but I got pulled away to help with something else, and still didn’t know what happened.)

(Are you guys planning to being that display of the transmission to the Midwest this year? I have lots of people on my team who would like to see it.)

Good luck to you guys, and keep up the good job.


We were not planning on bringing the presentation, but several teams have asked us to bring it and we just received our provisional patent number from the U.S. patent office so we will have a display at every regional. We have plans to combine this year’s tranny with last years to form the “TechnoCCT” so I think our display will follow that theme.

Regarding the help we received from Al, Mike and others; it turns out that we had a couple of bad brushes on the F-P motor from last year and you couldn’t really tell until they were ripped apart. Stangesense was indicating that the F-P motor was drawing a high amount of current, but we didn’t know why. We had it fixed by the Championship and have not had any problems with the tranny since.

We are using the Technocat’s idea from last year. 2 speed with pneumatic shift. Our drive is a cross between crab (swerve) and skid. Our rear wheels turn like for crab, but our front wheels are locked. We are 4 wheel drive.

What happens if another bot meets you at the same time on top of the ramp or beats you??? Would you go spinning wildly all over the ramp cuse the boxes would through you off-course?

Nice build. Spinning would be my concern too. The wings give a lot of leverage on the 2 drive wheels, so driving even a modestly powered robot into one of them may spin you around. Any plans to stop this?

Keep up the good work!

Very nice design, I won’t expect those wings to give in, even to a 130lb robot coming at them full speed.

  • Patrick

Ummm…Do you know that your bins are stacked wrong in the picture?


Thank-you for your kind words. Yeah, we tested the protoype wings and the hinge broke before the wings did, at about 800 lbs. The lexan bumper on the bottom takes a lot of the shock load from a limbo robot.


Yeah, we were getting lazy. We reset the bins about 200 times practicing autonomous mode and just left a few out.


BTW, we are NOT a king of the hill bot. We will probably only deploy one of our wings each match. Our goal is to get the majority of the bins on our side. We only plan on being on the top of the ramp long enough to cross it. We have different autonomous settings to hit different spots on the ramp depending on our opponents.

looks really cool

cant wait to see it in action at the midwest regional.

what are the wings made out of?

Wow. Cool. I’m speechless. What’s the span of those wings?

With our robot this year, we are planning the same strategy, but we just have an arm, and no wings.

You guys still have those chicken mascots?