Image Discuss: Team 27's 2003 Bare Chasis

This is just the lower half. Turret and arm will probaly be posted this weekend. We welded the chasis and arm last week. Working diligently to have robot 98% finished by Feb 10th. We are demanding that we have a week to sort out the bugs and give the drivers practice time. This year, come Clevland, we will have a fully functional and competitive robot!!

whoever does your tig welds should be a millionare by now. Those are incredibly smooth.

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**Those are incredibly smooth. **

No kidding.
Absolutely beautiful.

A very strong track (or wheel) drive robot with a turret. Very nice frame.

Andy B.

Thanks for the compliments guys!! We appreciate it! I’ve had the chance to see some of the TechnoCats Teasers, I must say you guys did an awsome job this year!! I can’t wait to see the finished machine!! I see you went in a slightly different direction with the trans? Very nice!! Love the tracks.
857 is looking great this year too! Although I would have liked to seen another Kilough! Looks like somebody got crazy with the waterjet!!
Since I shot the photo in my garage, we have made good progress with the turret and arm. Just finished the wheels/gearing up tonite. Tranny still has a ways to go though. Our students have been doing an awsome job this year. I am excited to finish it and show off what good work our students have done!! Good job to all the teams out there who are working so hard to finished before that Feb 18 deadline. Keep up the good work!!
We will be posting some more teasers next week, once more systems are complete. Good luck to all!!